TAVi Health Incorporated

Brokers & Health Plans

We work with brokers and health plans whose employer-clients are searching for wellness strategies and solutions for their employees.

TAVi Health wellness incentive campaigns integrate well with a broker's core service offerings or complement the suite of wellness products and services offered by a health plan.

No longer can employers simply tweak plan designs to address escalating health care costs. Workplace wellness programs are a solid business solution to help contain health care expenses, improve workplace productivity, as well as, drive employee satisfaction and retention.

When your broker firm or health plan partners with TAVi Health, you are able to offer clients an affordable wellness option that is off-the-shelf ready to implement and will drive employee participation in the wellness program. Introducing wellness product options to employer clients strengthens business relationships and provides an additional revenue stream for your business.

Brokers and health plans chose TAVi Health for a variety of reasons:

We're health promotion professionals: As seasoned health care professionals, you can be assured that TAVi campaign kits reflect the most up-to-date public health recommendations.

Innovation: TAVi Health blends out-of-the box thinking with decades of health promotion experience to create the most innovative wellness challenges on the market. Our campaign themes aren't just limited to healthy eating and walking either. Topics range from environmental wellness to humor to stress management in an effort to keep employees engaged in wellness.

Customized campaigns: It's your business name, logo, and look in the campaign kit so it blends with the other offerings in your wellness suite of products.

Fulfillment made simple: TAVi Health maintains the inventory of customized campaign kits and ships directly to the employer client for you at no additional cost. That means no storage and delivery hassles for you. For your clients, it means exceptional customer service every time.