TAVi Health Incorporated

Wellness Consultants

Your time is of the essence when you are working to help companies implment effective, meaningful and comprehensive wellness programs. And while you're stretched thin, your clients expect only the best.

Fortunately, TAVi Health is on your side. We provide attractive Preferred Partner and licensing options so you can cross "develop wellness incentive challenge" off your to-do list. Imagine the time and resources you can save by partnering with TAVi Health to deliver innovative and fun wellness incentive challenges.

Our Preferred Partner pricing allows you to offer any of our comprehensive challenges to your clients at a considerable discount off our standard rate. This option is perfect for those clients of yours who will be implementing the challenge on their own. And to futher ease things on your end, we handle all order fulfillment, from billing to inventory management and shipping.

Our licensing structure allows you to pay one fee and use our challenges in multiple organizations over the course of a year. If you are steering implementation of the challenges in the organizations you serve, this is a cost-effective option.

To learn more about becoming a TAVi Health Preferred Partner or for a quote on licensing one or more of our challenges, please email twist@tavihealth.com or call toll-free 888.491.1625!