TAVi Health Incorporated

Wellness Coordinators

Wellness challenges are an excellent way to encourage, support, and inspire healthy lifestyle behaviors in the workplace. Typically two to eight weeks in length, TAVi Health ready-to-go wellness challenge kits aim to infuse energy into a health promotion program and engage employees in wellness. But that's not all that they can accomplish in the workplace.

By tracking health behaviors like flossing or whole grain consumption, participants build awareness about personal health behaviors. Health messages repeated throughout the campaign in the form of printed materials, as well as, electronic communications provide participants with valuable health and wellness information necessary to make and sustain health behavior improvements.

And most importantly, the support and structure provided by TAVi Health wellness challenges will inspire individuals to try out new health behaviors, continue practicing healthy behaviors, or ramp up current health habits.

TAVi Health wellness challenges focus on gradual, sustainable changes always encouraging individuals to aim for small improvements rather than trying to achieve lofty goals in a short time period. Developed by seasoned health promotion professionals, our campaigns reflect current public health guidelines and focus on multiple dimensions of wellness. Give one of our wellness challenges a try today and experience the most innovative and easy-to-implement campaigns on the market!